The AICC18 Conference


Artificial Intelligence Computing Conference 2018, co-hosted by the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Inspur Group, and co-organized by Asia Supercomputing Community and Intel, is the second edition of the AICC Conference series, a premier AI event in the field of AI Computing. The AICC18 theme “Computing Empowers AI Everywhere” aims to present the latest technology trends of AI computing, foster dialogue and interaction in AI community and to further nurture AI ecosystem.

AICC18 will be held from September 11 to 12, 2018 at Beijing International Hotel, located in Beijing, China.


Having experienced a resurgence following concurrent advances in computing power, algorithm and large amounts of data, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making inroad into every industry, accelerating economic structure optimization and intelligent upgrading of industry. Currently, with increasing complexity and accuracy of AI algorithm and model, and the geometric growth of data generated by the Internet and the Internet of Things (IOT), we also see pressing challenges and demands for AI computing.

Artificial Intelligence Computing Conference (AICC), co-hosted by the Department of Information and Electronic Engineering of the Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE) and Inspur Group, and co-organized by Asia Supercomputing Community and Intel, is one and only artificial intelligence event focusing on AI Computing in the industry. AICC is committed to exploring AI computing around AI needs, with the goal to further promote AI technology innovation and collaboration.

AICC18 is the second edition of the AICC Conference series, a premier AI event in the field of AI Computing. The AICC18 theme “Computing Empowers AI Everywhere” aims to present the latest technology trends of AI computing and discuss the whole AI Computing ecosystem. AICC18 will be held from September 11 to 12, 2018 at Beijing International Hotel, located in Beijing, China.


AICC18 is inviting researchers, technology fellows, application innovators, AI startups, AI investors and more from industry leaders to share latest AI breakthroughs and practice, highlighting in-depth discussion around industry demands, with the goals to boost innovation & collaboration, talent cultivation, foster dialogue and interaction in AI community and to nurture AI ecosystem.

Over 2,000 researchers, developers, users and industry representatives from 6 industries including Internet, finance, public security, energy, healthcare and scientific research institutes will join in AICC18.

Come Join the Premier AI Computing Conference
Network with AI Experts & Industry Leaders
AICC18 is inviting AI experts and industry leaders from Chinese Academy of Engineering (CAE), the US National Academy of Engineering (NAE), Duke University, Microsoft, Intel, NVIDIA, Baidu, Alibaba Cloud, TouTiao, Sogou, Didi, ZhenFund, Innovation Works, SenseTime, Face++, AISpeech, 4Paradigm and more.

Learn the Latest AI at Keynote Presentations & 5 AI Symposia
At AICC18, AI experts will present technical keynote featuring latest AI technology, AI computing, and scenario-oriented AI applications, exploring technology innovation and industry trends. Five AI Symposia varies from “AI + Computing Innovation”, “AI+ Application Innovation”, “AI + Venture Investment”, “AI + Internet” and “AI + FinTech”, are joint efforts to foster interaction and dialogues in AI community and promote AI ecosystem. 

Explore Exhibition Area to Take Close Look at Premier AI Products & Solutions   
With a strong focus on AI computing and application-oriented solutions adopted in Internet, public security and finance industry, AICC18 will present over 20 vertical solutions in joint efforts with Baidu, Sogou, Face++, Horizon, AISpeech, OrionStar, 4Paradigm, Gago Group, BigQuant, Qiniu, Goolton and more,

Dive in 2018 China AI Computing Index Report
At AICC18, Inspur will publish a compact version of 2018 China AI Computing Index Report, a comprehensive assessment of AI computing indexes from investment and supply, industry and region, demand and application, to potential and trends in the AI landscape. This report aims to provide insights for research institutions and enterprises eager to gain AI vision, sink in AI trends and lay out AI strategy.

Get Hands-On AI Training at the Largest DLI Camp        
Join in the largest DLI hands-on training sessions with over 1200 attendees! At the AI training camp, you are about to delve in fundamentals of AI covering deep learning overview, AI inferencing, AI frameworks and even get hands-on experience to tackle a specific AI workload.




Sep. 11th 2018


Deployment and Boost of AI Business: Computing, Algorithm and Stack


Intel Real-Time AI Inferencing


Distributed Computing with and Case Study of TensorFlow


Introduction to Deep Learning


Image Classification with DIGITS


Sep. 12th 2018

Keynote Presentations


Welcome Speech

Gao Zhongqi
China Academy of Engineering


Opening Speech

Wang Endong
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Chief Scientist of Inspur Group


On Brain-Inspired Vision Processing

Gao Wen
Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering and Professor of Peking University


Customizable Computing and AI

Cong Jingsheng
Fellow of the American Academy of Engineering and Professor of UCLA


Challenges in AI Chip Design

Chen Yiran
Associate Professor with Tenure of Duke University and Director of Center for Alternative Sustainable and Intelligent Computing (ASIC) at National Science Foundation Industry–University Cooperative Research Center, USA


AI Computing: Trend, Challenge and Innovation

Liu Jun
GM of AI&HPC, Inspur Group


Analysis on the Development of Deep Learning Framework and Baidu Paddlepaddle

Ma Yanjun
Assistant Dean of Baidu Research Institute and head of Deep learning technology Platform Department


Superconducting Quantum Computing

Zhu Xiaobo
Professor, China University of Science and Technology


Summit Dialogue

Chair: Gao Fei  
Guests: Chen Yiran, Liu Jun, Yan Shengen, Tan Lin



AI + Computing Innovation


AI Computing Platform for Enterprise Developers by Baidu Cloud

Liu Jun
Chief Architect of Baidu AI Commercial Products & Solutions


Large-scale Deep Learning Platform: AI Infrastructure Construction and Optimization

Yan Shen Root
Director, Shang Tang Institute of Science and Technology


An Overview of Intel AI Solutions

Leon Lu
Intel AI BDM


How to Release GPU Performance in AI Computing

Judy He


Visualization of the Future: AI Cloud Enables Intelligent Video Application

Ma Xubo
Solution Director of Hikvision


Machine Reading Comprehension: Experiences from Supercomputing Challenges

Xie Zhiqiang
Student, Shanghai University of Science and Technology


Innovative Design Helps Unleash Computing Power of AI Server

Huang    Qianming
Product Manager, Inspur Group

AI + Application Innovation


AI and Big Data Accelerate IoT Industry Upgrade

Yin Jun
Deputy General Manager, R&D Center, Zhejiang Dahua Technology Co.


AI-powered Judicial Informationization: History, Challenge, Practice and Vision

Jin Yaohui
Professor, Shanghai Jiaotong University


Artificial Intelligence Empowers Smart City

An Yang
Senior Director of Face++


Application of AI in Healthcare Management

Zhang Zhi
Dean of CapitalBio


On Heuristic Intelligent Conversation scenarios

Guo Taotao
Product Director of AISpeech


Research Opportunities and Challenges of Big Data in Brain-spatial Information Science

Guan Yue
Suzhou Brain Spatial Information Research Institute, Huazhong University of Science and technology


High-throughput Material Computing and Data Management Enabled by AI

Yang Xiaoyu
Researcher, Computer Network Information Center of CAS


AI Empowers Cross-language Big Data and Value Mining

Zhang Xiaodan
Vice President of Global Tone Communication Technology

AI + Venture Investment


Research and Trend Analysis of AI Venture Investment in 2018

Wen Feixiang


Microsoft ScaleUp Program for AI Startups

Tan Lin
CEO of Microsoft ScaleUp


Panel Discussion: Development Trend of AI Technology Support Layer Entrepreneurship and Industry

Li Yang Vice President of Terminus Technologies
Chen Yunwen CEO of Datagrand
Deng Yafeng CTO of DeepGlint


AI Startups Initiative

Zhao Shuai
Deputy General Manager of AI&HPC, Inspur


Analysis of Investment Trend in AI Applications

Gu Yuman
Managing Director of ZhenFund


Panel Discussion: AI Application Startups and Industry Trends in AI Industry

Cao Yuan, Vice President of Operations, Infervision
Liu Bing, Founder and CEO of Moyunsec
Hu Yunhua, CEO of Abitai

AI + Internet


Alibaba Cloud Elastic AI Service: Accelerating the AI industry to the Cloud

Gong Zhigang
Senior Expert, Alibaba Cloud Elastic Artificial Intelligence


Scenario-oriented Application of Sogou Speech Recognition and translation Technology

Zhang Bo
General Manager, Sogou AI Division


IT Infrastructure Innovation in the Smart Age

Han Jinjie
Senior Product Manager, Internet Industry Department, Inspur Group


Intelligent Design: Innovation and Practice of AI Platform

Peng Yao
Chief Scientist and Founder of AI Lab, Qiniu Cloud


AI-enabled Healthcare Innovation

Meng, Fuwen
CTO of Huiyihuiying

AI + FinTech


Cross Industry Boundary:FinTech Helps Reshape Financial Service

Wang Jianping
Partner of PwC FinTech


Finance AI R&D Innovation Cloud Solution

Di Shuangpeng, Inspur


BigQuant AI Platform for Quantitative Trading

Liang Ju
Funder of BigQuant Technology


Innovation in FinTech Boosts Development of Agricultural Economy

Zhang Wenpeng 
VP of Product of Gago Group


AI+AR Empowers Financial Service

Li Changlong
Goolton Technology


Innovation and Practice in AI-powered Finance by CloudWalk Technology

Zhao Liyue
R&D Director of Big Data Platform, CloudWalk Technology