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January 9

Team Registration Deadline
5 students + 1 advisor.

Preliminary Competition Notification


February 16

Opening Ceremony, Zhengzhou University


February 16-17

Training, Zhengzhou University


March 6

Preliminary Competition Proposal Deadline
Each team is to submit a proposal including the results and the code of the application optimization. All proposals will be thoroughly reviewed by the ASC17 Evaluation Committee.


March 13

Preliminary Competition Results Announcement


April 24-28 Final Competition, National Supercomputing Center in Wuxi
The finalists selected through the preliminary round will come to the 5-day on-site final competition. The teams will design and build a cluster under 3000W to conduct a benchmark test, an application on Sunway TaihuLight, an application on KNL, and other applications involving the latest technologies. Inspur Group will provide the server and equipment. At the end, all finalists will present to the ASC17 Judge Committee and introduce their system designs, the results, and the analysis.





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