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Due to the growing prestige of the ASC Student Supercomputer Challenge, we are receiving an increasing volume of collegiate host applicants. Host universities provide a resourceful competition environment, while creating lasting relationships with distinguished participants worldwide. We welcome host applications from all institutions of our diverse community and encourage applications from candidates with various HPC background. Please compose a cover letter that addresses all relevant information below and submit to before the application deadline on August 31, 2016. You will be contacted within five business days.


Include the university’s name, website, history, and HPC resources.

University Name




Brief History


HPC Resources/Vision


Primary Contact
Include the contact’s name, job title, phone, email, HPC experience, and the number of years he/she has been employed at the university.

Contact Name


Job Title






HPC Experience


Number of Years Employed at University


Can ASC contact the head of the university?


Contributions to Event Planning and Participants
Describe any contributions that the university can provide for the competition. This includes event resources such as the venue, supercomputers, event planning services, volunteers, and media exposure. This also includes provisions for competition participants such as room and board, meals, local transportation, and international travel assistance.

List any interview rooms, resting areas, and other suitable spaces that can be accessible to competition participants. Identify any available halls that can potentially be used for the competition room, as well as the closing ceremony. Please specify if the rooms can be rearranged to accommodate competition equipment. (For example, the collegiate host of ASC14 provided 20 rooms, including a spacious contest room)


Contest Platform
Include the peak performance, brand, and general specification of any available supercomputers at the university.

Event Planning Services
Describe any support the university can offer for event organization.


Provide the number of volunteers the university can contribute to the competition. (For example, the collegiate host of ASC14 provided 235 volunteers with distinct uniforms)


Media Exposure
List any media representatives that will be invited to the competition.


Room & Board
Describe whether the university will provide housing in hotels or in student dormitories for participants. Include the number of rooms and the number of days that housing will be provided. (For example, the host for ASC14 contributed 150 hotel rooms for a total of seven days)

Describe whether the university will provide any catering or meal provisions. Include the number of meals that will be covered by the university. Please note that each meal is anticipated to be no less than $10. (For example, the host of ASC14 contributed three meals a day for seven days for 160 guests)


Local Transportation
Describe whether the university will provide local transportation for guests. (For example, ASC16 anticipates the need for two buses for finalists, five cars for HPC experts, and one bus for media representatives)


International Travel
Describe whether the university can provide necessary support to obtain visas for international participants.


What other benefits can you offer ASC17?


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