The HPC Connection Workshop is an international High-Performance Computing event that is held three times per year: during the ASC in China, the ISC in Germany, and the SC in the USA. At the Workshop, top researchers and leading professionals from around the world gather together to discuss the latest developments in supercomputing and artificial intelligence. The HPC Connection Workshop has been one of the main events at the conference for seven years, and it has become quite popular, attracting hundreds of people in attendance.

The major theme of this year’s 23rd Workshop will be AI&Exascale ready Technologies and Applications. Professionals will exchange ideas among highly interdisciplinary fields and discuss cutting-edge technologies and strong synergies in supercomputing and artificial intelligence.

23rd HPC Connection Workshop

Time Topic Speaker
13:55-14:00 Opening Speech Vangel Bojaxhi
Executive Director, Asia Supercomputer Community
14:00-14:30 AI for Science Rick Stevens
Associate Laboratory Director, Argonne National Laboratory, Professor, University of Chicago
14:30-15:00 HPC Challenges & Opportunities Xuebin Chi
Deputy Director of Computer Network Information Center, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Director of Center of Scientific Computing Applications & Research, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
15:00-15:30 Recent Developments on EPI program Jean-Marc Denis
Chair of the Board, EPI, European Processor Initiative
15:30-16:00 Technologies & Applications in Exascale Era HPC Expert
16:00-16:30 Exascale Computing Project’s Software Stack Michael Heroux
Senior Scientist, Sandia National Labs; Director of SW Exascale Computing Project
16:30-17:00 Large-Scale Optimization Strategies for Typical HPC Workloads Liu Yu
Head of HPC Application Support , Inspur
17:00-17:30 Arm and Exascale Brent Gorda
Sr. Director for HPC Business at Arm
17:30-17:35 Summary Vangel Bojaxhi
Executive Director, Asia Supercomputer Community

※The working language of the Workshop will be English.

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